Idon't know who knows me in this list so I'll introduce myself as well, my name is Maureen Hernandez, Iam a Systems Engineer from Venezuela.

I can help with the desing, I work with cyclope too :) 

and let me know how I can help with the app, it's not my area mainly but I can start as a op team so I'll learn among the way maybe.

Warm regards.

2016-09-22 9:33 GMT-04:00 Pau <>:
Hi Unai, you are welcome to the list! Find my comments in-line.

On 22/09/16 13:38, Unai Gorrotxategi wrote:
> form is not working so I leave here the
> message:

Right! We are now working on the web site, during the previous months
our main focus was on the hardware design.

> Hi everyone!
> We are a coop and we want to help to LibreRouter project.
> We are web/mobile developers but also we have some projects with
> hardware like pcengines APU (we are finishing a router and mobile apps
> for a live language interpretation device:  and Raspberry
> Pi.

Pretty interesting. An Android APP for managing the librerouter firmware
in remote is on our to-do list. Nico (from Altermundi) is coordinating
this topic, so you might help there once we start the development.

We are also looking for some web designer for the web
site, so if you know someone might help would be welcome. The site uses
a CMS named "Cyclope" but the styles are in plain CSS.

> We are involved in different commitment levels in projects such as
> Guifinet, Eticom, Coop57, Olatukoop...

Nice! You are from the family. We probably have common friends :)

> How can we help LibreRouter? Also, if you want to go couchsurfing to the
> Basque Country, you are welcome.

Some of us are thinking about going to the HackMeeting on the Basque
Country (not sure yet if it will be possible). If you are around maybe
we can meet.

Also if you come to Barcelona or surroundings, you can couchsurf/visit us.

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