I think the mobile apps should be higher up in the to-do list! Most of the users in Brazil have smartphones and not PCs.

I would be great to have an app to take advantage of the mesh network. It could recognize when users move in to the mesh and enable local resources such as chat and voice conversations, file exchanges, radio, local news...

I did some android development myself, so I'd be excited to take part in such a project.


On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Diego Vicentin <vicentin@riseup.net> wrote:
Hi people, I take the opportunity to introduce myself too.

I've just finished my PhD in sociology in Brazil. I've researched the
development of mobile broadband standards on IEEE802 group and
wireless-mobile convergence (especially WiFi vs. LTE-U fight for the
unlicensed spectrum).
I've been interested in community networking initiatives for a while,
and I'd like to contribute to libre router project which I believe has a
huge importance. I don't have enough technical skills to help on the
hardware and firmware development, but I hope to find out other ways to
contribute to the project. Perhaps promoting events for test bed and CNs
related discussions here in Campinas (SP) where I'm based now.

If you have any questions, please, let me know.

saludos cordiales, Diego

Em 22/09/16 08:38, Unai Gorrotxategi escreveu:
> https://librerouter.org/contact/ form is not working so I leave here the
> message:
> Hi everyone!
> We are a coop and we want to help to LibreRouter project.
> We are web/mobile developers but also we have some projects with
> hardware like pcengines APU (we are finishing a router and mobile apps
> for a live language interpretation device: interprest.io)  and Raspberry
> Pi.
> We are involved in different commitment levels in projects such as
> Guifinet, Eticom, Coop57, Olatukoop...
> How can we help LibreRouter? Also, if you want to go couchsurfing to the
> Basque Country, you are welcome.
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