I'm trying to configure bmx6. Using the basic configuration specified in the wiki[1], I got the error:

[18958        0] ERROR dev_if_fix: No global IP for dev=wlan3 ! DEACTIVATING !!!

[18958        0] WARN  dev_check: not using interface wlan3 (retrying later): DOWN CHANGED ila=0 iln=0

I'd like some hints on setting the global IP for bmx. Also, what is the format for the globalPrefix and llocalPrefix? I'll be happy to look at a sample config file ~/etc/config/bmx6. When I use the luci web interface using the <network>/<length> format, I get invalid llocalPrefix. Any examples of globalPrefix as well as llocalPrefix values?

[1] https://github.com/axn/bmx6/blob/master/README.md


Richard Maliwatu
PhD student, ICT4D Lab
University of Cape Town
Computer Science Department