thanks, that's very helpful. Apart from this mailing list,is there a bmx6 forum somewhere or a bmx6 online community that someone working with/on BMX6 can join?


On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 6:28 PM, Pau <> wrote:
It is probably because the network interfaces you are trying to use are
down. You can make a very simple test like this (from scratch):

1) Remove the current configuration: mv /etc/config/bmx6

2) Start bmx6 daemon without configuring any network interface: bmx6

3) Now you can use "bmx6 -c" to talk with the daemon

4) Bring up a network interface, for instance: ip link set eth0 up
You can also use an existing WiFi network device or also the br-lan, do
not worry, bmx6 won't remove any IP already configured in such devices

5) Add the network interface to bmx6: bmx6 -c dev=eth0

6) Check the current config status with: bmx6 -cp

Bmx6 has added a new IPv6 address to your network interface, you don't
have to worry about it. Check it with: ip addr show eth0
You'll find something like this
inet6 fd66:66:66:2:120b:a9ff:fe7b:23c0/64 scope global

So if you connect another device to the network interface and you do the
same, both nodes will be already connected via bmx6 (check it with bmx6
-c links). You can add as many network interfaces as you want.

If you want to save the configuration, just execute: uci commit bmx6
And you will see the changes made on /etc/config/bmx6


On 23/01/16 23:24, Richard Maliwatu wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to configure bmx6. Using the basic configuration specified in
> the wiki[1], I got the error:
> [18958        0] ERROR dev_if_fix: No global IP for dev=wlan3 !
> [18958        0] WARN  dev_check: not using interface wlan3 (retrying
> later): DOWN CHANGED ila=0 iln=0
> I'd like some hints on setting the global IP for bmx. Also, what is the
> format for the globalPrefix and llocalPrefix? I'll be happy to look at a
> sample config file ~/etc/config/bmx6. When I use the luci web interface
> using the <network>/<length> format, I get invalid llocalPrefix. Any
> examples of globalPrefix as well as llocalPrefix values?
> Cheers
> [1]
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