What is the intended workflow when developing LibreMesh packages (like lime-app, shared-state, etc.)? What I mean is the process of making some change to a LiMe package, compiling it and trying it out on a device running OpenWrt.

Just following the compilation instructions <https://libremesh.org/development.html#compiling_libremesh_from_source_code> to produce an entire OpenWrt image every time seems to imply these steps:

  1. Make changes to the package source code, and commit those to the repository.
  2. Change the suitable Makefile in the LibreMesh source code to point to the commit above. Commit this as well.
  3. In the OpenWrt repository, add a LibreMesh feed that points to the LibreMesh repository above, instead of the official one.
  4. Compile OpenWrt.

While this works, it’s not really practical when you just want to try things out. You also clutter the repository by having to commit things just to test run them.

I’m sure you all follow a more convenient procedure, and I’d like to learn about it. Cheers!