I've been trying for days to get LibreMesh installed into an openwrt system.    I'm using Mikrotik devices, which I just got for this project.

I've been trying to build OpenWRT for a couple days.  I finally got a bare bones image of openwrt to build and boot.   

Then, I tried to add LuCI as a package and things started going downhill.  Specifically, building LuCi requires uwsgi, which requires libpcre. According to a thread I read:

"uwsgi has a dependency on libpcre, which was moved from the feeds to the core packages a few days ago. (https://github.com/openwrt/packages/commit/6f5412e6beb25d94cb30f088177900f2619af514 7)

If you are updating your feeds, but still maintaining a 19.07.3 base, it probably won't work. It'll report that xxx has a dependency on libpcre and cannot be found type error. I'm sure if it already isn't backported, it'll be in the next milestone release.

If you are building from source, make sure you either pull or rebase from the master branch, which should fix it."


This is even getting to LibreMesh yet.

I'm trying to get master to build now, but not sure if it will work either.

Is there any other way to get LibreMesh going other than building my own OpenWRT firmware?