Hi all!

The Ninux Valsamoggia team is configuring every antenna with specific settings like name, frequency and distance.

So we developed a new feature: the mac based configuration.

You can create a configuration file /etc/config/lime-[mac address] containing the setting for the single antenna.

Running lime-config the configuration is read from that file (if available), and has priority between lime-community and lime-node.

So you can compile a single firmware including multiple config files, one for every antenna.

EG: the config file for my antenna is lime-9c417c4c8b38 and contains setting: option hostname 'Lime-foo'

You can find the changes here: https://github.com/itec78/lime-packages/compare/master...itec78:feature/mac_config

If you want to test this feature, you can use the feed https://github.com/itec78/lime-packages.git;feature/mac_config when compiling.

Let me know if it can be a useful feature for the community, and if I can create a pull request.