I missed the notice that the wiki has been enabled. I used GitHub for my first time yesterday, and it seemed pretty easy. I haven't tried using the wiki yet. I will probably use the wiki and create wiki pages in the next three weeks. Right now, I don't have an opinion about what software to use - - maybe I'll have an opinion after I use it. One useful thing about GitHub text file wiki is that I imagine I can sync it for offline use easier than MediaWiki content.


El 12 de septiembre de 2017 3:26:59 GMT-05:00, Nicolas Pace <nico@libre.ws> escribió:
Hi guys,

Two weeks have passed since the moment we enabled the libremesh wiki

There has not been much movement (apart from what @digitigrafo has
done, thanks!)...
This might be a valid input on our conversation... or not.

I have a new proposal that might be interesting to consider.

Might it be that we are creating a complete parallel infrastructure,
when we could instead be using the one that OpenWRT/LEDE has?

Maybe creating a namespace in their's wiki describing what LibreMesh
is, the usecases, the solutions in this context...

I believe that there are more things that brings us together than the
things that are different, and documenting in a common space could help
us get more visibility and voices to the discussion.

I understand that in the past was a little tricky because the community
aspect of OpenWRT was complicated (don't have much information so I
might be saying silly things) but now the reality seems to be

Anyway... hope to read from you about this.


On Tue, 2017-08-29 at 14:17 +0300, Nicolas Pace wrote:
Thanks to Patrick, James, Brunno and Ilario for the inputs.

From what was talked:
* GitHub Wiki could be a good starting point
* Support for multiple languages could be useful
* Adding new infrastructure that needs to be maintained would be
to be avoided

Also, Ilario proposed a list of steps after enabling the GitHub wiki
enhance the integration:
* move the whole lime-web/docs directory content (which is the
  documentation) or even all the *.txt files from lime-web (all the
  contents from the website) to the wiki of lime-packages repository
* continue using asciidoc syntax also for wiki
* keep the repository open for write to everyone
* fetch contents from the wiki and include them in our static website
  built with Jekyll, this would be painless
* use directories for separating different languages on the Github
  (sub-optimal but easy), while on our website the multilingual stuff
  is already implemented (I checked: Jekyll finds the files even when
  moved to another directory)

Based on all this information, I've done the first step towards
this approach and enabled the lime-packages github wiki:

I invite you for the following two weeks to start using the wiki.
Then we can review the usage and see if it fits or no, and which
improvement can be done.

Great job all! :)