Hi Ilario,

my actual Configuration is: OpenWrt 190704 (on ex6150v2) and snapshot (ex6120/30) with libremesh 20.09
lime community with:
config lime 'wifi'
        option htmode_5ghz 'VHT80'
        option htmode_2ghz 'HT40'
        option distance '100'
and lime-node with:
config lime 'wifi'

config wifi 'radio0' # 5GHz
        list modes 'ap'
        list modes 'ieee80211s'

config wifi 'radio1'
        list modes 'ap'
        list modes 'apname'
I use es6120/30 as Mesh-Nodes -> No use of the LANPort.
And an ex6150v2 as Connection to the internet (1GBit Lan-Port).

When I check the Lime-App (-> Metriken) I got an speed of max 60MBits. in luci I see connection Speeds between 150 - 866 MBits RX/TX speed.
When I use an Internet connection Speedcheck modei got download between 1 (yes 1 - very strange) to 40 MBit and upload 15 - 40 MBit.

As you mentioned I will try to use the 5Ghz part only as mesh - and report back ;-)

For your understanding: My Intention was to use AP on both - faster Connection for 5Ghz able devices (IPad, iPhone) and 2 GHz for the older ones... 2Ghz also as apname.

In my personal opinion the whole speed thing could be a showstopper (for eg. lime)... but if solved the solution for many cheap meshes!


Am Mo., 26. Okt. 2020 um 22:17 Uhr schrieb Ilario Gelmetti <iochesonome@gmail.com>:
On 10/26/20 3:04 PM, Andy Schopf wrote:
> I have a test-network running with a bunch of ac/an Adapters.
> I got connections up to 866MBits between the adapters (5Ghz mesh) but
> even with this fast connection I only got 40Mbit up/down Speed in
> direction to the internet.
> Only on the one Adapter connected directly to the Internet i got the
> full speed (250/40).
> I also played around with distance parameters with no measurable impact.
> Are there other possibilities to speed up the mesh?

That's a superinteresting topic, but I never tested it.

Which device is the AC one? Are them the "ex6120 and ex6130 Extender"
you mentioned in the other email?
I have no idea of how well the 802.11s mesh works with MediaTek. The
only thing I know about MediaTek is that you could have problem when
meshing over ethernet cable [1].

Maybe try changing the htmode (the wifi channel width [2]) to HT40 for
2.4 GHz and VHT40/VHT80 (which should work only for AC routers) for 5 GHz.
This could as well degrade performances rather than improve them [2] but
it's worth a try.
Due to a bug, this does not work when using LibreMesh based on OpenWrt
18.06 [3] but this should be ok for you on snapshot.

In /etc/config/lime-node

config lime wifi
        option htmode_2ghz 'HT40'
        option htmode_5ghz 'VHT40'

and then lime-config and reboot.

Another thing I always wondered but I never actually tested is how much
does impact to have one or two AP interfaces [4] (as compared to having
just 802.11s mesh), do you think you can test it?
For doing this, simply define the modes list with just the mesh.

In /etc/config/lime-node

config lime wifi
        list modes 'ieee80211s'

and then lime-config and reboot.

Please let us know!
Thanks for experimenting <3


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