On 24/5/19 21:59, Mark Birss wrote:
Github link is incorrect?

On Fri, 24 May 2019, 20:40 Nicolas Pace, <> wrote:
The current most used way of compiling images in this moment (at least
the ones that nicoe, marcos, spiccinini and i are using today) is by
using buildroot.
the only change you need to make from what it says in the readme is to
change the target to your device. that you do with `make menuconfig` and
in the target or profile menu you pick tplink-wdr3500.
the good thing about this method is that it is robust.
the bad thing is that it is not user friendly... in order to deal with
that there are tons of actions to be done... some step backs that we
have done (chef, lime-sdk, ...), that we need to mend... but as the
librerouter is coming well... all energy is in there right now...


On 5/22/19 5:16 PM, Patricio Gibbs via lime-users wrote:
> I just got a TP-Link WDR3500. What's the newest stable LibreMesh that I
> can put on it, and how do I get it or make it? I have some 17.06
> firmware I could use, but I want to know if there's anything newer.
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