i couldn't get the nodogsplash from openwrt repos to work in libre-mesh.
instead, i used this version, which was tweaked by gui to work in libre-mesh:

opkg install http://chef.altermundi.net/downloads/r44952/ar71xx/packages/routing/nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.9-2-20150718_043129_ar71xx.ipk
with the config file listed below.

but if you can make it work with the standard nodogsplash, please let us know.

GatewayInterface br-lan
GatewayInterfaceExtra bmx+
GatewayInterfaceExtra2 anygw

FirewallRuleSet authenticated-users {
     FirewallRule allow to

FirewallRuleSet users-to-router {                                                                           
 # Nodogsplash automatically allows tcp to GatewayPort,                                                     
 # at GatewayAddress, to serve the splash page.                                                             
 # However you may want to open up other ports, e.g.                                                        
 # 53 for DNS and 67 for DHCP if the router itself is                                                       
 # providing these services.                                                                                
    FirewallRule allow udp port 53                                                                          
    FirewallRule allow tcp port 53                                                                          
    FirewallRule allow udp port 67                                                                          
 # You may want to allow ssh, http, and https to the router                                                 
 # for administration from the GatewayInterface.  If not,                                                   
 # comment these out.                                                                                       
    FirewallRule allow tcp port 22                                                                          
    FirewallRule allow tcp port 80                                                                          
    FirewallRule allow tcp port 443                                                                         
# end FirewallRuleSet users-to-router                                                                       

FirewallRuleSet preauthenticated-users {
 # For preauthenticated users to resolve IP addresses in their initial
 # request not using the router itself as a DNS server,
 # you probably want to allow port 53 udp and tcp for DNS.
    FirewallRule allow tcp port 53	
    FirewallRule allow udp port 53
 # For splash page content not hosted on the router, you
 # will want to allow port 80 tcp to the remote host here.
 # Doing so circumvents the usual capture and redirect of
 # any port 80 request to this remote host.
 # Note that the remote host's numerical IP address must be known
 # and used here.  

     #change the IP for the address of the gateway router
     FirewallRule allow tcp port 80 to

# end FirewallRuleSet preauthenticated-users

EmptyRuleSetPolicy preauthenticated-users passthrough
EmptyRuleSetPolicy users-to-router passthrough

#change the IP for the address of the gateway router

#GatewayPort 80

MaxClients 500

ClientIdleTimeout 720

ClientForceTimeout 14400

#change the range for the ip range of your mesh network

BinVoucher "vale.sh"

ForceVoucher yes

EnablePreAuth yes

#change to the place where you want to redirect the users after login
RedirectURL http://www.quintanalibre.org.ar/portada


On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 11:47 AM, Ilario <iochesonome@gmail.com> wrote:
2016-12-10 12:21 GMT+01:00 Amuza <amuza@riseup.net>:
> We would like to have a captive portal in our LiMe network. We have
> never played with those things. I think the one to use here is
> Nodogsplash.
> My question is: Is there any information I should have to make
> Nodogsplash work on Lime?

I never played with it, but I will take advantage for asking a thing:
we have a frozen repository from 2013 of nodogsplash in libremesh
github profile, is it still useful?
Shouldn't we delete it or update it?
lime-users mailing list


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