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This ip is actually a nick for the router that you're connected to. It works as http://anygw or http://thisnode.info. That's the reason it is the same in every router.

When it connects to the mesh, the routers also gets another ipv4 address. You can see it somewhere in the Luci's interfaces page. It also gets an ipv6 number. You don't have to assign a different ip for every router, this is done transparently by the mesh. It will be always assigned the same ip.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 11:15 PM, Leonardo Taborda <leonardotaborda@networkbogota.org> wrote:
Hello lime friends

I am messing with a libremesh router, wdr3500 and wdr3600. On those
devices i flashed an image cooked on the chef, getting the same ip on
both devices: I tried to change the ip on Simple Config /
Advanced, with no luck. If I try to modify the values on the IPV4 field,
they apparently are kept, but reviewing the interfaces the same ip
remains, so route -n in any client shows the same IP.

Then I downloaded a generic image from
http://downloads.libre-mesh.org/community_chaos/ where then I can set a
different IP following the same steps.

I want to know how's the procedure to change a nodes' ip, or get to know
if i am doing wrong the way i did. This is a problem for me because i am
setting the librenet6 tunnel, so both routers get the same anygw iov6



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