Hi SAn and all,

I did some testing and had a few things to learn on that way.
In my case the 5 GHz mesh is only working with the Channel 36 and 48 (as I also tried higher channels  like 100,112,149,157,169,173 but there I got any connection).
Using the 2,4 GHz for AP and 5 GHz for mesh only ended in very poor performance with 1-2 MBits in up and download.
Only with the AP on 5 GHz im getting up to 40 MBits in up and download.
On the Mesh points there was no high cpu usage ( I think it was 40% in max.).

Are there any further ideas or experiences?

I also have very often the problem on my Mesh Node in direction to the Internet (the ex6150v2) that I don't get an valid IP-address... 
I had to configure the ETH0 Port manually (in standard it is used as LAN Port):
in lime-node:
config net 'port0'
        option linux_name 'eth0'
        list protocols 'wan'

BTW @SAn Do you have an instruction for the backporting thing you mentioned in the other thread?


Am Di., 27. Okt. 2020 um 16:12 Uhr schrieb SAn <spiccinini@altermundi.net>:
Hi Andy!

On October 27, 2020 4:51:09 AM GMT-03:00, Andy Schopf <andymcschopf@gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi Ilario,
>my actual Configuration is: OpenWrt 190704 (on ex6150v2) and snapshot
>(ex6120/30) with libremesh 20.09
>lime community with:
>config lime 'wifi'
>        option htmode_5ghz 'VHT80'
>        option htmode_2ghz 'HT40'
>        option distance '100'
>and lime-node with:
>config lime 'wifi'
>config wifi 'radio0' # 5GHz
>        list modes 'ap'
>        list modes 'ieee80211s'
>config wifi 'radio1'
>        list modes 'ap'
>        list modes 'apname'
>I use es6120/30 as Mesh-Nodes -> No use of the LANPort.
>And an ex6150v2 as Connection to the internet (1GBit Lan-Port).
>When I check the Lime-App (-> Metriken) I got an speed of max 60MBits.
>luci I see connection Speeds between 150 - 866 MBits RX/TX speed.

This speed is the bitrate, so, how quick each bit is put into the wireless medium.
But it does not take into account how crowded the medium is, only one radio can use the medium at a time. So the radio may be able to transfer the packet very quickly but it may have to wait some time between packets because others are using the medium (other nodes of the same network or other networks in the neighborhood).
There are counters available in some radio chips that report the airtime usage (radio busy, rx busy, tx busy, etc). For the ath9k driver they are available in /sys/ (do some find and greping there I don't recall exactly).
Also you can do some scanning to check if there are other access points using these channels. Take in consideration the channel width.
Also, depending on the hardware it may be the case that the CPU can't send much faster due to how the driver is implemented. Check with top of you see high usage.

Hope this helps,

>When I use an Internet connection Speedcheck modei got download between
>(yes 1 - very strange) to 40 MBit and upload 15 - 40 MBit.
>As you mentioned I will try to use the 5Ghz part only as mesh - and
>back ;-)
>For your understanding: My Intention was to use AP on both - faster
>Connection for 5Ghz able devices (IPad, iPhone) and 2 GHz for the older
>ones... 2Ghz also as apname.
>In my personal opinion the whole speed thing could be a showstopper
>eg. lime)... but if solved the solution for many cheap meshes!
>Am Mo., 26. Okt. 2020 um 22:17 Uhr schrieb Ilario Gelmetti <
>> On 10/26/20 3:04 PM, Andy Schopf wrote:
>> > I have a test-network running with a bunch of ac/an Adapters.
>> >
>> > I got connections up to 866MBits between the adapters (5Ghz mesh)
>> > even with this fast connection I only got 40Mbit up/down Speed in
>> > direction to the internet.
>> >
>> > Only on the one Adapter connected directly to the Internet i got
>> > full speed (250/40).
>> > I also played around with distance parameters with no measurable
>> > Are there other possibilities to speed up the mesh?
>> That's a superinteresting topic, but I never tested it.
>> Which device is the AC one? Are them the "ex6120 and ex6130 Extender"
>> you mentioned in the other email?
>> I have no idea of how well the 802.11s mesh works with MediaTek. The
>> only thing I know about MediaTek is that you could have problem when
>> meshing over ethernet cable [1].
>> Maybe try changing the htmode (the wifi channel width [2]) to HT40
>> 2.4 GHz and VHT40/VHT80 (which should work only for AC routers) for 5
>> This could as well degrade performances rather than improve them [2]
>> it's worth a try.
>> Due to a bug, this does not work when using LibreMesh based on
>> 18.06 [3] but this should be ok for you on snapshot.
>> In /etc/config/lime-node
>> config lime wifi
>>         option htmode_2ghz 'HT40'
>>         option htmode_5ghz 'VHT40'
>> and then lime-config and reboot.
>> Another thing I always wondered but I never actually tested is how
>> does impact to have one or two AP interfaces [4] (as compared to
>> just 802.11s mesh), do you think you can test it?
>> For doing this, simply define the modes list with just the mesh.
>> In /etc/config/lime-node
>> config lime wifi
>>         list modes 'ieee80211s'
>> and then lime-config and reboot.
>> Please let us know!
>> Thanks for experimenting <3
>> Ciao,
>> Ilario
>> [1]:
>> [2]:
>> [3]:
>> https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages/issues/647
>> [4]:
>> https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages/issues/109
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