So, the latest installation done here used the tplink C5 v1.2 . It is working great.

Em qua, 5 de dez de 2018 17:51, Patricio Gibbs via lime-users < escreveu:
Based on Gio's response, I'll cross the C60 off my list.

How about the C50?

Sounds like it requires TFTP flashing, not flashing from the stock GUI: ...
Is this correct?

WLAN Hardware:
v1: MediaTek MT7620A, MediaTek MT7612EN (OpenWrt Tech data)
        - $30 in Ecuador
v2: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9557, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9882 (wikidevi)
v3: MediaTek MT7628AN, MediaTek MT7612E (OpenWrt Tech data)
        - $50 in Ecuador
v4: MediaTek MT7628A, MediaTek MT7612E (wikidevi)
        - $40 in Ecuador

in June 2017, Bruno V mentioned:
 > Right now my favorite is archer c50 v1. It won't work with adhoc but
 > mesh mode seems to be fine, and costs less than 40 USD here, I haven't
 > been able to test it in production, but perhaps if more people get one

Has this been fixed? And/or does this matter? (I don't know what the
different modes are used for... maybe that sort of explanation could go
in the LibreMesh documentation.) Reading old threads, it seems that
adhoc mode has been deprecated or is no longer used by default in
LibreMesh since 17.01.

~ Pato

On 12/4/18 11:11 PM, Patricio Gibbs via lime-users wrote:
> Trying to understand if the C50 or C60 has better LibreMesh support:
> Looking at:
> - gluon support broken, WiFi 5 GHz unsupported, ath10k
> - ath10k
> - MT7612EN
> - MT7612E
> What is Gluon support? Does it matter?
> I've seen comments on this list that ath10k is not well supported and
> might never be. Does this mean the Archer C60 doesn't work well with
> LibreMesh?
> Previously, Daniel Golle wrote that the chipset for the Archer C20,
> MT7610E, doesn't work with any FOSS driver. Based on the tech page, it
> seems that there is FOSS driver support for the MT7612E and EN, correct?
> cheers,
> Patricio
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