hey martín,

We just used a bunch of 740 in a few installations in Brazil.

At this moment, I think there is no advantage using cooker or the chef interface because they're not copying the local community information on to the firmware. So we just used generic images and changed /etc/config/lime . I can help with that. Otherwise we have to wait for our brave developers :)

Un saludo

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 10:24 AM, Martín Bayo via lime-users <lime-users@lists.libremesh.org> wrote:
Hi !! My name is Martín Bayo , I'm from Santa Fe, Argentina.

With Martín Morales we are doing our first steps on libremesh , we tried
to build the image for TP Link 740 V4 without web interface , but the
image never finish to cooked , any idea ?


Martín Bayo

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