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Em 22 de nov de 2017, em 14:03, Hiure <> escreveu:
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Em 22 de nov de 2017, em 13:01, Ilario Gelmetti <> escreveu:
On 11/22/2017 02:16 PM, Amuza wrote:
Some people are about to join the community network but they take a step
back as soon as they know community users could get into their private
I try to calm their media-biased worries, talk about the meaning of
community and even the technical solutions, but they won't join the
community network.

The reality is that here we need people sharing their Internet connection.
That is why I am resuming this thread and try to find a solution for
this specific case.

How could I configure my community network profile (files to edit,
parameters...) so that community users could only access the community
network and the Internet?

Even if I agree with Gio that this would be very detrimental for sharing
of local content, I recognize that many people just doesn't want this,
so this network separation should be implemented but not enabled by default.

I would do this as another private subnet accessible through AP named
interface (the AP with router specific name) and an internal NATting
towards the br-lan with mesh network. Also some ethernet ports could be
configured manually to enter this second private network.

I don't think this can be done right now modifying /etc/config/lime,
neither with specific interface configurations, more coding should be
Devs, could you estimate how much effort does this require?
I'm not sure it's worth, or at least we have other priorities, first of
all the new web interface which needs a lot of love ASAP:

This separation in mesh network/house network would be useful also for
implementing QoS prioritizing house traffic over mesh traffic to the
house gateway, as suggested here:



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