Sounds interesting, also because there are situations where a LibreRouter is excess, and a small router is sufficient.... So until LibreRouterMini, we still need off the shelf devices from common vendors.

Here in Ecuador I see a Xiaomi Router 3 and 3c for sale, but no 3g: . Process range from $45-$90 USD (Ecuador uses US dollars).

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On 3/12/18 20:08, norðurljósahviða via lime-users wrote:

Spending 30€ on a device that meshes in AC with no extra ath10k BS or
3-minute ping tests to restart the wifi antennas is - in my opinion -
the new golden standard of what’s out there right now, and what i expect
to compare the LiRo to when it comes out.

I think it's a very interesting router. Where are you buying it for 30€?