El 9 de junio de 2019 8:16:54 p. m. GMT-05:00, Patricio Gibbs via lime-users <> escribió:
I've heard that the usual 802.11 WiFi standards were designed for 
household links, maybe up to a kilometer? And therefore longer distance
links tend to use other protocols, with TDMA or other methods. So, if
we're going to set up 5km links, 10km links, 20km links, 40km links...
at what point does it make sense to stop using standard WiFi?

For example, if we set up an 8km link with a MikroTik LHG5 on each end,
or a TP-Link CPE610 on each end, will the link quality be the same with
stock firmware as with LibreMesh? Up to what distance is this true?

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