for me sounds weird too, that's why i asked. I tried some months ago to compile an ar71xx-mini image just with block-mount and kmod-fs-ext4, for the tplink tlmr3020, in order to increase storage space with an usb stick. Of course it didnt work because the image didn't get generated by lime-build.
El 07/02/17 a las 14:57, Pau escribió:
This sounds very weird for me. It looks like you made magic somehow. I
would like to see this .config file.

On 07/02/17 18:24, Ilario wrote:
2017-02-06 15:41 GMT+01:00 Leonardo Taborda <>:
so, Illario and Marvin, did you were able to build a 4mb image with opkg and
openvpn? or an image with just opkg or openvpn.
Yep, as I wrote before I obtained an image for 4 MB routers including
OPKG, OpenVPN and Tinc using lime-build and selecting the packets in
the menuconfig as explained in lime-build readme.
But I didn't flash it on any router for testing.
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