Hello meshies

I know everybody is having fun at Battle Mesh, but if someone could take a look at this I' d really appreciate.

I really have my eyes on the C50, as it seems to be the cheapest dual-band on the market now. I can get on in Brazil for less than 40 USD! Last week I bought one which I later found out to be an unsupported V2. But now I got a V1, and it almost works. If it works, I'll the buy about 10 for an installation in two weeks.

The problem seems to be with 802.11. The 2.4Ghz radio does not work in ad-hoc mode  - although the 5Ghz radio does. Then I don't know if it's related, but when it meshes with a WDR3500, the Internet  is painfully slow, with some ping times  about 1000-2000 milliseconds. Pinging from the LiMe gateway at the same time gives me a steady 57ms. Perhaps a different driver should be used?

Attached is a file with information gathered from the router.

A few other oddities (not as important as the issue above):
- Could not flash from stock directly with the compiled LiMe. I had to first use this openwrt [1], then LiMe

- When I flash from the firmware above with the LiMe I compiled or the download Lede, I get the message:
" It appears that you try to flash an image that does not fit into the flash memory, please verify the image file!
Size: 7.63 MB (7.62 MB available)"
It works fine, tough.

- The firmware I cooked with my community settings (using cooker) won't go through to the Internet, and gives this ESSID instead of my community's:{{NETWORK_NAME}} (although it meshes with the LiMe gateway)

- The firmware I cooked without community settings connects to the Internet through the LiMe gateway with the sluggish times above.


[1] http://dl.eko.one.pl/luci/chaos_calmer/ramips/luci-15.05-ramips-mt7620-ArcherC50-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

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