On 19/06/17 11:26, Nicolas Pace wrote:
On Fri, 2017-06-16 at 16:50 +0200, Amuza wrote:
Hey sisters,

Let me share some good news for community networks -and bad ones for
Actually, ISPs also get benefited cause they don't use upstream for
this :)

Yes. But I meant ideally ISPs might end up not being needed at all.

0.- Bitmessage has been working on LAN peer auto-discovery. It is
already in v0.6 branch, we tested it and it works.

1.- Retroshare will finally have asynchronous messaging working
(Retroshare already has LAN peer auto-discovery).

2.- Impressive ZeroNet is aware of the importance of LAN peer
auto-discovery and they are going to add this feature.

Thanks Amuza!
Have been looking for this application layer functionality... i think
we need to dig more on this part.

Are you doing something in this area?

Just pushing any decentralized project I like so that they add LAN peer auto-discovery.


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