I am creating a profile for the project NuestraRED.org in Colombia: https://github.com/kleper/network-profiles/tree/master/NuestraRed.org

In the configuration option of ipv4 I am using:
option main_ipv4_address '10.% N1.0.0 / 16 '

I would like each of the nodes to have ip 10.x.x.1 / 16 is it possible? I did a test with the configuration:
option main_ipv4_address '10.% N1.0.1 / 16 '
But compiling and installing the firmware does not start the interface with the defined ipv4.

Although really what I would like to do is the following:
That all the nodes remain in a network / 24 and that each node tries the ip 10.x.x.1 / 24 to have a better form of control, looking at the documentation I think it can be something like:

option main_ipv4_address '10.% N1.% M5.1 / 16/24 '

Do you think it can work like that?

Thank you.