In our case I think at some point we would like to switch to babel, and I did not know that this is something not present in babel. I copied the answer of Ilario to my notes, but keeping it simple: can I have more simple information to track this issue (which I hope includes all the relevant details), and then I will subscribe to that issue.

In Barcelona we are running bmx6 since years. A subnetwork of it we are running a pure bmx6 network based on openwrt, and it is a little bit unstable (daemon crashes), but works fine. I hope soon we can go for the latest bmx6 version in the whole network (migrations are painful), because recently we discovered that openwrt packages was using an old and memleaked version of bmx6 (!!)

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 10:28 PM amuza <> wrote:

> Hi!
> On 12/1/20 10:22 AM, amuza wrote:
>>>> The current software still supports BMX6 that has this feature. You can build a firmware with BMX6, selecting lime-proto-bmx6 and the BMX6 protocol may do it. You should deselect babel.
> There are multiple reasons. In my opinion the most important is that the babel protocol is now an IETF standard. Also important is that babel the protocol and babeld the implementation are being supported/maintained. BMX6 development stalled and is not maintained (AFAIK) long time ago and we had some problems with the implementation so it was difficult "to promote" it as the default libremesh protocol.
> Anyway the idea behind libremesh is that multiple protocols can be selected/used, so BMX6 and BMX7 and other protocols are supported at least as there are community using them to report bugs and help fix them.
> SAn
Nice explanation, thank you. I will migrate to Babel once this
Internet-sharing thing is fixed.
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