Thanks Ilario for your answer!!!
Yes you got my question 100% :-)


Am Mi., 7. Okt. 2020 um 21:28 Uhr schrieb Ilario Gelmetti <>:
Hi Andy!
Answers in line:

On 10/7/20 10:22 AM, Andy Schopf wrote:
> Hi Ilario,
> I have one small question about this release candidate thing:
> Where is the possibility to pick a branch for lime?
> I found anything in the description.

You mean, to select a branch for compiling the LibreMesh code from a
specific branch?
You should add the branch after a semicolon ";" in the feeds.conf file,
something like:

src-git libremesh;yourBranchHere

for example there is a "20.09" branch, which is currently freeze to the
code from one week ago but will be updated once we have the release, I
If it was not this, what did you mean?

> ...and is there already a name? ;-)

Nobody proposed any!!!!!!
As the 16.07 name was starting with CC (Community Chaos), and the 17.06
was starting with DR (Dayboot Rely, the R was because it was based on
LEDE Reboot) the next release should be starting with EE (if we actually
want a name), something like:

Eeriest Eel
Entropic Empathy
Electromotive Effort
Euphoric Egg
Extended Erection
Enlarging Equipment
Eccentric Enough
Eclectic Electron
Embedded Enthusiasm
Equator Envy
Emitting Emoticons
Embracing Euphoria
Entrusting Echoes
Evergreen Energy
Everyday Evil
Elegant Eclipse

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